Nonstop Printing Sees Non-Stop Growth

UntitledLos Angeles based Nonstop Printing is a second-generation family run business founded in 1980 and located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The digital shop has both HP Indigo and Xerox color digital presses, with the recent addition of an HP Indigo 5600 offering one-shot imaging and six colors, including white ink.

leimanManager Leiman Chan says, “Because of our Hollywood location, we are able to get premium prices if the quality is there. Historically, we took whatever work came in the door, but have recently been working to focus more on premium printing, including books, brochures, menus and materials for fashion clients, steering away from providing color copying services.”

Nonstop Printing was running its operation using QuickBooks for invoicing and to look up details on old jobs. Chan adds, “Basically, everything was handwritten and we did not have a web storefront. As we looked to step up our game to more premium products, we knew we had to get both web-to-print and automation in place. We also knew that the place to start was by getting the back end straightened out.”


Chan had been thinking about web-to-print for some time, but was concerned about price competition with a web-based business model. “We can’t compete against Vistaprint,” he says, “but I now understand the value of web-to-print for our business as well as for our customers. It eliminates the need for a lot of back-and-forth emailing and calling. Especially for smaller jobs, we needed something that could process the job front to back, saving time for both us and our customers. The primary goal for an installation like this is to save time, and it is icing on the cake if it gets us more work.”

Nonstop Printing did its due diligence and determined that PressWise would best meet its needs. “It was mostly about workflow,” Chan says, “and I felt that PressWise had the capabilities we needed but was also something we could grow into nicely. I liked the fact that credit card processing and shipping were all integrated.”

Chan reports that it is hard to quantify the benefits that Nonstop Printing has garnered from its PressWise installation but adds, “Hard to quantify, but it was huge. We couldn’t really look at old orders, we didn’t have a quoting module and pretty much everything was in our heads. You can’t run a business that way these days.”


Nonstop offers premium printed products, including wedding invitations and die-cut business cards

Nonstop offers premium printed products, including wedding invitations and die-cut business cards

One key benefit of the company’s new integrated workflow is the ability for anyone in the shop to quickly and easily access information instead of having to ask around the office. Another advantage is the ability to keep credit card information securely on file for use on work from repeat customers. And while most customers pick up their work, Nonstop printing does ship work out a few times a week, and rather than the tedious manual process of creating a shipping label, it’s all done automatically based on information entered into the system once by the print shop or its clients. “It is also easier for us to track payments,” Chan comments. “Receivables are down by half and things don’t fall through the cracks. We are getting paid faster and it is much easier to see exactly what is owed.”

Year over year, Nonstop Printing has grown 15%. “While we can’t attribute all of this to PressWise, we can attribute a significant amount of it,” Chan concludes. “We are definitely capable of more throughput, and we are capable of doing that more profitably, so we are excited about the future. It looks bright!”


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