Print MIS

Print MIS

Most print MIS systems were designed for a different kind of print industry than the one in which we find ourselves today. Increasingly, print buyers are demanding 24/7 access, online ordering capabilities, faster turnaround times, shorter print runs and lower pricing.

At the same time, competition amongst printers is increasing, with more and more printers implementing online storefronts to help them attract new business and service their existing clients more efficiently. The growth of digital printing has created multiple channels in which orders flow through your shop, placing further stress on your shop’s staff and infrastructure.

What Other Print MIS Users Tell Us

A new, nimbler approach to managing a print workflow is required – one that strips away a lot of the ‘fat’ of traditional print MIS systems (the endless reports and paperwork, overscheduling etc.), replacing it with a leaner system that is focused on automation and lights-out connectivity. We have created a SaaS-based, end-to-end print management system – from storefronts to fulfillment – so you can manage your resources more efficiently and grow your print business. We believe that:

  • All jobs should flow through your shop with  minimal touchpoints
  • Your workflow needs to be agnostic to how it receives orders
  • A print MIS should be able to combine digital and offset work into a single, unified workflow
  • Key processes should  be integrated with each other
  • Simple, controlled access to the MIS with Single-Sign-on is essential
  • The entire workflow should be transparent

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