‘Our last vendor called us every day/week during the sales process, then once they got our money we never heard from them again.’

We hear this all the time, and it makes us doubly determined that we will never let that happen to you.

With PressWise, we don’t ‘sell’ you a product and then only come back to you when we have a major new release/upgrade or new module to sell. In fact, we don’t sell you a product at all. We provide you with a service, with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS! If you’re not getting the most from PressWise, you won’t be happy, and we won’t keep you as a customer, it’s as simple as that.

PressWise will radically improve your print production workflow and give you greater control and insight into your business, but it doesn’t just happen with a sprinkling of fairy dust – it requires real commitment to implement real change. From you, from your team – and from us.

But implementation starts even before you touch your system. We recognized, and you may have experienced, that an empty MIS system equates to a longer set-up time, so we’ve pre-loaded PressWise with dozens of product templates, finishing tasks, presses – even pricing. All operational out of the gate, so you can explore and get to know the system from day one.

As soon as your account is set up and your system is ready to be accessed, we assign you an implementation specialist who will work with you on training and steps for a successful implementation.

We also provide a wealth of online tools to assist you through the process, including:

  • An Implementation Tracker – a dynamic tool that provides and tracks setup processes, assigned to specific groups or employees, to ensure that your team is staying on track.
  • Online Training Video Courses with detailed how-to video walkthroughs.
  • An online Learning Center, with in-depth guides to every area of your PressWise system, including feature articles, recorded webinars and video tutorials.
  • Online Support Ticketing – if you get stuck on a particular topic, submit your question through your Support Ticket portal with your PressWise system. We even have honor system triaging. Yes, you really can submit ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ ‘High’ and even ‘Emergency’ tickets and we’ll be there to help.

If you still can’t find the answer – just call us! We offer free customer support and have a team of dedicated support staff who understand your business and are always happy to help. Remember, it takes commitment from both of us to implement the change you are looking for in your business – and we commit to being here for you!


  • Provision your server
  • Preload your system with templates, finishing tasks, presses and more
  • Create an implementation program for your company
  • Assign you a dedicated account manager
  • Provide ongoing support


  • Follow our online training course
  • Use the implementation tracker within your PressWise system
  • Assign learning roles to employees
  • Create and meet internal deadlines


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