As an InPlant printer, you need to provide great customer service and be seen as an invaluable component of your organization, yet you may have limited resources and be burdened with manual processes. You need to demonstrate that you are operating as efficiently as possible while keeping a tight control over your costs. You may need to constantly defend your pricing and face challenges from outside printers for your work. You also need to be seen as forward thinking, willing to take advantage of newer technologies to manage your business.

The growth of digital in recent years has allowed you to produce high quality, shorter-run jobs at a low price, but if you touch these jobs too many times, it is easy to lose money on each one. The PressWise end-to-end MIS and workflow automation system can dramatically change the way you run your business.

  • PressWise lets you manage the demands of shorter runs, and faster turnaround times, without sacrificing quality.
  • It removes touches from your workflow, saving time and money.
  • PressWise provides you with easy-to-use job estimating tools for CSRs or customers to use to get instant quotes that can be turned into digital job tickets.
  • Orders can be injected from multiple sources – custom walk-ins, online storefronts, third-party systems – into a single, standardized and unified workflow.
  • Automation features such as job batching and auto-impositioning let you produce jobs quicker, and more efficiently.
  • PressWise APIs provide simple integration with most third-party corporate systems.
  • Unlimited storefronts provide you with an efficient way to interact with your customers and handle order approvals.
  • Job production and order workflow dashboards give you instant real-time access to the details of your print operation, including the ability to drill down to specific order information.
  • PressWise lets you provide fast and accurate pricing breakdowns using Accounting Codes to define your chargeback accounts.
  • Financial data is easily exported to third-party accounting systems.

PressWise can give you the control and visibility into your workflow that you and your customers are looking for, while delivering on the promises of ‘lean printing’, eliminating manual touches and helping you manage your costs. So request your demo today!


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