Mail Processing

Mail Processing

Capture incremental revenue previously lost to outside mail houses and become the one-stop shop your customers are looking for all their direct marketing needs. Become a market leader and maintain your competitive edge with this optional, easy-to-use PressWise mail processing module, powered by AccuMail frameworks from SmartSoft.

Automatic CASS™, NCOALink® and PAVE™ Certified postal presorting means your team can easily prepare mailings, even if you are new to mailing. Variable data-ready mailing lists and artwork for postcards, newsletters and flyers flow from PressWise to your variable data engine as easily as standard jobs.

Control the Details of Your Mailing From Within Each Job (click to enlarge)

Our proprietary mail stream technology allows workers to co-mingle multiple mail jobs while the system automatically processes the data, for combined postal savings and reduced labor costs on smaller mail runs. Postal paperwork and required tray labels are prepared for easy drop off at your local post office bulk mail counter.

Plus, if you’re currently using a third-party mailing application, we make it easy to switch so you gain from the extra efficiencies that our built-in mailing solution provides.


  • Increase revenue by offering full-service mailing
  • Decrease turnaround times
  • Retain more customers with a one-stop service
  • CASS and PAVE Certified by the USPS
  • NCOA Change-of-Address processing
  • Easily manage VDP jobs with mailing data
  • Automatically gang multiple VDP mail jobs to save postage
  • Prepare USPS mailing paperwork and tray tags automatically
  • Automatic background task mail processing – see exact postage and number of valid address records within minutes
  • Easy for workers to learn and use, and much more…



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