Why Invest in Web-to-Print?

Why Invest in Web-to-Print?

Before making the decision to invest in a web-to-print system, it’s worth considering the following questions:

  • Are you missing out on some of the multi-billion dollar Web-to-Print business because your customers can’t order online?
  • Are you losing out on what could be simple reorders because of a cumbersome manual order process, a missed email or voicemail to a salesperson?
  • Are some of your customers unaware of all the different services that you can offer?
  • Do you think that not offering online services is creating a perception that you are somehow ‘behind the times?’
  • Would your customers like real-time feedback when their job has been shipped?
  • What about your competitors? Are they offering these services?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then it really is time to consider a web-to-print solution. PressWise includes unlimited web-to-print storefronts so you can start accepting orders online and running them through your shop with minimal human touches, enjoying all the benefits of print workflow automation.


  • Multiple entry points allow orders to flow seamlessly into the shop
  • Enhance productivity by reducing time spent quoting/personalizing and customizing branded print assets
  • Online proofing and approvals allow your resources to be used more efficiently and profitably
  • Minimize turnaround times with storefront orders flowing direct to press
  • Cross-sell additional products and services to your existing customers, increasing your per-order revenue.
  • Credit-card payments help to improve your cash flow.
  • Secures your image as being on the forefront of technology and more customer-focused
  • Another tool for developing new business and staying competitive
  • Branded storefronts and ease of reordering encourage customer loyalty
  • Job tickets are created automatically prior to entering your workflow, lowering production costs
  • You can process more orders without increasing staff


You aren’t the only one that will benefit from PressWise storefronts. Your customers will also enjoy their new storefronts, which can be customized for each user. Highlights include:


  • The convenience of being able to place orders on their own timeframe
  • Ability to get real-time estimates
  • Customizing branded print assets and ability to view proofs instantly
  • Uploading files, mailing list and ship lists
  • Managing user account privileges and access for their employees
  • Access to their order history and ability to reorder jobs more easily
  • Faster job turnarounds that other PSPs can’t deliver
  • Ability to download invoices and make payments
  • Instantly track shipments
  • The feeling of being more ‘connected’ with your business

Your PressWise system includes unlimited web storefronts, with no hidden fees, so you can set up custom storefronts or microsites for your clients, with custom pricing tables, templates, catalogs and more. Take a look at our videos that show how easy it is to set up storefronts for your customers and how easy it is for them to order, reorder, get shipping status, manage their accounts and more!


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