Print Estimating

Print Estimating

PressWise Estimating Tool

PressWise Estimating Tool (click to enlarge)

Increase your efficiency, saving valuable time and money with PressWise’s browser-based print estimating engine that streamlines the estimating and quoting process, producing consistent quotes that are easily converted to live jobs.

From business cards to complex projects, estimators, CSRs, Sales Reps or even customers can quickly produce professional looking quotes that can be emailed in one click and retained for later retrieval. Existing jobs and quotes can be easily converted to new orders.

Custom pricing is supported for each client, as well as individual products. Paper and other cost centers are easily defined so unique one-of-a-kind jobs can be quoted for any quantity.

Customers will learn to use the online estimator and build their own jobs, upload their artwork and place orders around the clock. This ease of use creates greater brand loyalty and the incremental print revenue you need to boost your bottom line.

Sample Print Quote PressWise

Sample Print Quote (click to enlarge)


  • Print quoting and estimating easy enough for anybody to use it
  • Create “one-off” custom jobs on the fly
  • Supports multiple versions of a quote
  • Speedy entry of “standard” preset products
  • Supports BHR (basic hourly rates) or Throughput-based pricing
  • Recall previous quotes and jobs
  • One-click quotes-to-new-orders conversion
  • Create custom finishing processes that flow to the production floor
  • Custom pricing by product, client, and much more…
  • Supports private price tables for individual clients or products as needed

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