Why Change Your Workflow?

Why Change Your Workflow?

Why Change The Way You Run Your Workflow?

The business environment for printers has changed over the past decade. A combination of internal and external factors is forcing print service providers to reevaluate the way they are running their business:

  • Greater demand for short-run print jobs and faster turnaround times are challenging existing business processes and profit margins
  • Customers now expect their print service providers to provide custom online storefronts for ease of ordering
  • Requests for order history, job status tracking numbers, copies of invoices and more are burdening staff time
  • There is increased competition from progressive print service providers already offering online shopping experiences
  • The complexity of print workflows and growing number of Web-to-Print solutions have led many shops to acquire multiple products

This multi-product approach has often resulted in increased costs and put additional stress upon a shop’s infrastructure. To survive, printers need to reevaluate and make changes to the way they are doing business – procrastination can be even more costly.

We believe an all-in-one web-to-print, MIS and workflow automation solution such as PressWise offers advantages over multiple, independent systems, providing you with a single, powerful system designed to streamline your workflow and provide you with the cost savings and increased efficiencies you need to survive and thrive in today’s market.

Questions To Consider When Purchasing A Print Workflow Management System

Before you make a purchasing decision on a new web-to-print, MIS or workflow automation product, you’ll have plenty of things to think about. Here are just a few:

  • Are you committed to making a change and is your team willing to change and put in the time required?
  • What are your core, got-to-have-them, can’t-live-without-them, must-have requirements?
  • Financial considerations – how much will it cost? We’re talking all-in costs, including adding up all separate modules you may need to purchase.
  • What is the subscription model? Is it cloud or locally hosted?
  • What are the costs of implementation and maintenance? Are there hardware costs?
  • Training your staff – how long does it take to get up and running? Is training included or extra?
  • Technical resources – do you have the IT capacity to manage the hardware and software?
  • Are there variable costs associated with the number of storefronts or transactions processed?
  • What about integration with existing applications? Are there API and IT costs to help you use it?
  • Do you have an understanding of your current workflow and how you see it working with a software package?
  • Scalability – is it a good fit not only for your current needs but can it grow with your business?
  • Does it ‘play well with others’? Will it integrate with your existing storefront, or almost any storefront on the market, and will it work with your accounting system?

How PressWise Can Help You

  • PressWise offers a single, end-to-end platform with all the tools needed to manage a growing business
  • It includes unlimited web-to-print storefronts as well as pre-built integrations for most third-party storefronts, including PixFizz, MarcomCentral, PageFlex, PageDNA, Red-Tie, Saepio & more
  • PressWise can take orders from multiple sources – storefronts, walk-ins, APIs from other systems – and inject them all into a single, standardized, workflow
  • PressWise removes excess processes and manual touches from your workflow, making you more efficient and protecting margins on even the smallest jobs
  • PressWise plays very well with others, with a set of APIs designed to help you integrate with other third-party or custom-built systems
  • PressWise is a SaaS-based system with NO long term contracts
  • It is available cloud-hosted by SmartSoft or self-hosted
  • It is browser-based for instant access, anytime, anywhere
  • We have a robust implementation program to help you get set up

To see how PressWise can streamline your business and help you become more profitable, request your web demo.


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