How secure and reliable is my PressWise system?

We use a state-of-the-art cloud computing system that allows us to provide you with security and redundancy you would otherwise have to pay over $250,000 to achieve.

Each PressWise system runs in its own isolated virtual network, populated with virtual machines.  These machines are totally isolated from each other and protected from every known form of cyber intrusion with active port monitoring and automatic IP blocking.  These systems are patched frequently and cared for by full-time dedicated staff.

Most importantly, each of these systems has its own 100% dedicated resources that are not shared with other systems when you are offline.  Unlike airlines we don’t “oversubscribe” and hope too many people don’t show up.

We don’t use the cloud computing environment for the purpose of creating a way to oversubscribe our resources (like some competitors do)… we do it to provide a layer of extra security between your system and the physical hardware it runs on, and maximize server uptime and availability.

Your system will be running on a High Availability system, with real-time data backup across an entire grid of physical servers in a mirrored RAID configuration. All system data is cloned in real-time on hard drives inside separate systems. Extra idle servers are on standby 24/7 – if a machine in the grid fails it drops out of the grid and your virtual machine will automatically come back up on a different server. The worst case scenario is a reboot and you are back online within two minutes.

Other vendors will host your private system on a singled dedicated box and you bear the risk and cost of disruption, replacement, or even data loss if that machine dies.

Additionally, to optimize performance, we geographically distribute our servers across three separate locations within the US.

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