What are the system requirements to run PressWise?

This is dependent on whether you run the standard cloud-hosted version of PressWise or decide to self-host.

Cloud Hosted System

Internet access and the ability to upload/view pdfs. The minimum internet connection should ideally be a 6mb DSL connection. Customers seldom experience the “ISP-advertised” speed so we suggest you test your speed to make sure you are getting at least 3mb.

Self Hosted System – Minimum

4 core server w/ 4GB RAM
Allocate 4 cores and 4GB RAM to PressWise
Install 64 bit operating system (Windows or MacOS)
1TB storage directly on server

Self-Hosted – Recommended

12 core server w/ 12GB RAM
Allocate 8 cores and 8GB RAM to PressWise
Install 64-bit operating system (Windows or MacOS)
2TB storage directly on server (w/ RAID)
This will leave 4 cores open for better performance in the host operating system.
VMWare is required and will actually run on any OS, so we don’t mind what you put on it as long as it’s 64-bit

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