What is PressWise?

Born and raised in a highly successful print shop, PressWise was designed as an alternative to purchasing, or developing tools to tie together, Web-to-Print, Production Workflow, Print MIS, and Mail Preparation Software. Instead, a single, SaaS-based platform is available with today’s must-have tools critical to managing and growing print shops. Highlights include:

  • Unlimited Web-to-print Storefronts
  • Print Estimating and Quoting
  • Order Management
  • MIS
  • Production Automation
  • Mailing Software (Optional)
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Accounting Connectivity
  • Reporting
  • APIs
  • Cloud-hosted by SmartSoft or self-hosted in your own shop

PressWise is offered on a subscription-based pricing model with NO long term contracts. You pay an initial set-up fee and a monthly pay-as-you-go fee and can cancel at any time.

The system is accessed through a browser so can be run from Windows, Mac and Linux systems and once set up you can begin to explore your system from day one, with just a few hours of online training.

PressWise easily integrates with most third-party web storefront products, including Printable, PageFlex, OPS, PixFizz, PageDNA, Saepio, Pressero, Prisme, RedTie, custom storefronts and more.

Best of all, because PressWise was designed by a printer, with real employees and customers, it just plain works!

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