What is SaaS anyway?

SaaS is an acronym for Software-As-A-Service.  It’s a way of delivering a software product over time to meet a market need.  In theory this model is superior because it financially aligns the delivery of a service with the needs of the buyer.  When the buyer no longer needs the service they can discontinue it.  This possibility keeps the software vendor on their toes.

SaaS has often incorrectly been assumed to mean a product must be hosted online.  While it is true that most SaaS products are vendor hosted, they don’t have to be.  SAAS is really a business model issue.

In contrast, non-SaaS products are usually “purchased” with large upfront sums for the software vendor.  Vendors who sell a product this way generally find themselves forced to focus the majority of their company resources chasing new business and working very hard to minimize the amount of resources spent on existing clients.  Their cash-flow and survival depend upon it.

PressWise was created to match the vision of it’s founder.  A product that delivers value to it’s customers and is fundamentally built on sound business principles… profitably operating within the limits of the monthly fees it generates!

This ensures the long term availabilty of resources dedicated to the growing client base and allows us to focus on delivering more value to our clients… leading to a reinforcing cycle of value and stability.  Exactly the kind of dependable service you strive to provide your clients with.

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