How long does training take?

Well, you could be asking about two different kinds of training. 

The training we give you.

We provide an ever expanding video collection and selective direct one-on-one training.  We generally spend 6-8 hours online working with each new company and will tailor the sessions to your indivual skill set and learning style.  Many highly self-motivated users have completely trained themselves by using the videos and diving right into using the product.

The training you give your workers on an ongoing basis.

Sales, CSR, Prepress, Production, Press, Bindery, Bookeeping, and Admin roles all use different aspects of the system.  Here is the breakdown of how long each role “typically” takes to learn:

  • CSR (2)
  • Sales (2)
  • Prepress (4)
  • Production Manager (4)
  • Production/Press (2)
  • Bindery (1)
  • Shipping (2)
  • Admin (6)
  • Bookkeeping (1)

Note: these overlap a lot.  It does not take 4 hours to learn Sales & CSR.

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