What is the best way to approach training?

Have a strong top-down culture that embraces change with excitement. 

Print isn’t ever going back to being the kind of business it was in the 90’s, so you may as well automate as much of your business as you can and make the most out of it.  Embrace the things that have become possible via technology.  The internet, digital printing and modern marketing techniques have all had a hand in changing what it means to be a “printer”.

Let’s be the best we can be and continually strive to improve our operations.  This attitude toward change is rewarding both financially and psychologically.

Pick the right person to drive PressWise adoption in your business.

Who is your most computer-savvy, afraid-of-nothing, wants-to-know-it-all employee?

Usually this person will be a prepress manager, production manager, or IT worker, but they can come from any position.  Choose the right person to learn the system and share their knowledge with everybody else.

Assigning an unmotivated person (who is very resistant to learning & trying new things) to drive your PressWise adoption can be the beginning of a long road.

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